Links for Patrick Crosley’s Guitar Students

The World Wide Web offers an overwhelming amount of information about learning to play the guitar. Here are some links that I have found useful for learning and for reference. The links will open in a new browser window.

Guitar Basics – If you are just starting to learn how to play the guitar these links will help you to know your instrument better and will show you how to tune and maintain your instrument.

Acoustic guitar anatomy (scroll down)
Electric guitar anatomy
The names of the guitar strings
Tuning your guitar (standard method)
Tuning your guitar (using harmonics)
Acoustic guitar care

Guitar Lessons – There are many hundreds of lessons online. Here are a few sites that offer particularly clear and comprehensive information and lessons.

Acoustic Guitar Central: Lessons
Folk of the Wood: Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
Zen Guitar – Lessons
Guitar Masters (jazz-oriented)
Slowhand Blues Guitar
Guitarnoise: Online Guitar Lessons

Song Sources – As with lesson sites there are hundreds of song sources on the web. The important thing to remember is that they are not always accurate.

Chordie (a decent chart/tab aggregator)
OLGA (lots of songs but not always accurate)
Heartwood Guitar Chord Charts
The Song Trellis (mostly jazz standards)
The Guitar Guy (more standards, lots of ’em)

Artists (fan sites)
Bob Dylan – Lyrics (official site)
Grateful Dead – Lyrics (annotated)
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
The Who
Blue Rodeo
Lou Reed
Hüsker Dü

Music Theory – The following sites provide more information about music theory.

The Essential Guitar Guide
Dolmetsch Online

PDF files for you to download

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view and print these documents (you probably already have it). When a document is not of my own creation I have provided a link to the original source.

Notation Guide from acousticguitar
Blank Tablature Paper

Basic Guitar Chords from thecipher
“The Ultimate Chord Chart” from guitarnotes
Barre Chord Tutorial
Extended Chord Forms
E, A and D Chord Voicings
Chords in a Key from halfhill

Basic Fingerpicking
Advanced Fingerpicking

The Blues Scale in A
Blues Shuffle in A to jam with (mp3)

For beginner students I often use the excellent ApRo Guitar Class Method. You can download the first nine lessons by clicking here. Since the lessons move rather quickly I have created some supplementary exercises for the first lessons on strumming and using some of the chords introduced later in the course:

Am and E strumming 1
Am and E strumming 2
Am and E strumming – 8th notes
Am, E and C Strumming
Strumming I-IV-V in G major

I have also added my own lesson about reading ties and dots to allow for more complex rhythms:

Rhythm: Ties and Dots

I will be adding more exercises and lessons so please check back!

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